Lee O. Silverman is an award-winning professional voice-over artist who resides in the United States. He specializes in television, web, training videos, eLearning, instructional design, podcast, radio, animation, and IVR media.

His background includes being a university faculty member and instructional designer, as well as working in information technology and the music industry.

Lee has earned Associate, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Arts degrees, and is currently completing his Doctor of Education in Instructional Design & Technology. He has also been awarded two U.S. Patents, a radio design patent and a utility patent for an information technology-related device.

At an early age he gravitated toward electronics and recording technology, and as he became an adult, he was asked by countless people if he was on the radio. The logical path of becoming a voice-over artist was inevitable. Today Lee’s voice is heard all over the United States, and in a number of other countries.

The name “leecast” is derived from a combination of Lee’s first name and his presence in broadcast, podcast, and webcast media.

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